Suspicious Circumstance- Man down 10/2/2012

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Suspicious Circumstance- Man down 10/2/2012 Empty Suspicious Circumstance- Man down 10/2/2012

Post  Asuna Duranjaya on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:27 pm

Title: - Suspicious Circumstance- Man down
Second Line: IAD / GIU / OCU Followup -
Canton Police Department
Incident Reporting Form

Reporting Officer: A. Duranjaya
Location: 4th and City hall
Arrest: None
Other CPD/Fire & EMS involved:
7004, Engine 326, Medic 821

Nature of Incident: Man Down

Vehicle Info: N/A



Criminal Option Selection: N/A

Victim: Elwood Blues
Contact Information on File:
1060 West Addison Street Chicago, IL 60613 Taken from ID
D.O.B: 4/7/1989
(yes....for those that get the reference, That's exactly what he wanted me to put)

Witness: Aaron Hudson
Contact Information on File:
Incident Narrative:
Dispatched to man down at 4th and City hall @ 1931 hours. Upon arrival A man was leaning against a car on the ground, checking for a pulse which was rapid, before i could check any other vitals, CFD arrived on scene and took over and attended to him. I located the caller and interviewed him to which the interview will be attached.
Vehicle subject was against, dark blue Szym Intruder, Alberta Canada plate of NTC-442 registered to subject.
ID check on subject came back clean no record
Clear @ 20:26 FD transport same time
Supporting Documentation and Links

1) Witness Statements: Mr. Hudson was walking down the street to get a cup of coffee, as he was observing his surroundings, he noticed a man unconscious against the car. He quickly investigated and called 911. Witness does not know victim. End of statement, Witness left scene

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