Suspicious Package 10/6/2012

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Suspicious Package 10/6/2012 Empty Suspicious Package 10/6/2012

Post  Asuna Duranjaya on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:35 pm

Title: - Suspicious Package
Second Line: IAD Followup -
Canton Police Department
Incident Reporting Form

Reporting Officer: A. Duranjaya
Location: 3000 block of Central
Other CPD/Fire & EMS involved: CPD: 7751

Nature of Incident: Suspicious Package

Vehicle Info: none

Description: none


Criminal Option Selection: Possible

Victim: none
Contact Information on File: none

Witness: Stephen Copperfield (stephan88 copperfield)
Contact Information on File: Renter in canton
Row house 15
Cherry St.

Incident Narrative: Upon arrival I spotted the box the caller described, using my multitool knife I opened the box flap with out physically touching the box with my hands, spotting all the drugs I radioed for 7751 to come to the scene

Supporting Documentation and Links

1) Witness Statements: Mr. Copperfield was throwing some trash away behind the doughnut shop in the alley way off the 3000 block of Central alley way. He noticed the box with a pharmaceutical label and called Canton 911.

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