Suspicious Circumstance 10/2/2012 (delayed report due to officer injury)

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Suspicious Circumstance 10/2/2012 (delayed report due to officer injury) Empty Suspicious Circumstance 10/2/2012 (delayed report due to officer injury)

Post  Asuna Duranjaya on Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:14 pm

(Report emailed to Patrol Supervisor)

Title: - Suspicious Circumstance
Second Line: IAD Followup -
Canton Police Department
Incident Reporting Form

Reporting Officer: Asuna Duranjaya
Location: West end of town, East of LTS Gas Station
Arrest: None
Other CPD/Fire & EMS involved: CFD Medic and Ladder

Nature of Incident: Suspicious Circumstance

Vehicle Info: White van, graffiti "FREE CANDY" on side of van

Suspect: Male White, No ID

Charges: N/a
Criminal Option Selection:n/a

Victim:Male White same as suspect
Contact Information on File: N/A

Witness: Fire Marshal Ranger Fusky
Contact Information on File: Canton Fire Prevention

Incident Narrative: On routine patrol, I spotted the Fire Marshal's vehicle parked and the hazard light's turned on and I pulled behind to investigate. In front of his vehicle there was a van, parked left wheel to curb rear doors open. The fire marshal was glad to see me as the man in the van went on about seeing his children and loving his children, it is my professional opinion that the man was a pedophile. Asking the man to step out, he tripped and fell into the door of his van. Upon request to Identify him self with I.D. subject refused and stated his children call him "papa." subject refused several requests to Identify and jumped in the van and closed the doors. I went to the front and gained entry to the front of the van. Due to a cage between passenger and cargo areas I was unable to go hands on with subject. I pulled my OC and aimed at the subject. Before I could give a verbal last chance before getting sprayed warning, subject pulled out lighter fluid and matches. EMS had been requested prior to this. Upon seeing the threat of torching himself, I retreated and called for FD. As FD arrived, he lit himself on fire. Before the engine was on scene, one medic grabbed an extinguisher to try to suppress the flames. The FD's extinguisher quickly ran out and I retrieved mine from my patrol unit. Attempting to also suppress the flames, i grabbed the rear door handle, stupidly, and received a 2nd-3rd degree to my left hand and inhaled heavy smoke as the extinguisher ran dry. fearing for my safety at this point, I fled to safety. FD personnel escorted me to safety and treated my smoke inhalation and burn on scene. I refused transport to hospital and suggested I would go off duty Hence the lateness of this report

I was advised subject in van was deceased due to injury

Supporting Documentation and Links

1) Witness Statements:

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