Incedent Report- Traffic accident, officer involved 10/05/12

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Incedent Report- Traffic accident, officer involved 10/05/12 Empty Incedent Report- Traffic accident, officer involved 10/05/12

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Title: - Suspicious Item - (No Name)
Second Line: IAD / GIU / OCU Followup -
Canton Police Department
Incident Reporting Form

Reporting Officer: A. Duranjaya
Location: 5th and 2nd
Arrest: none
Other CPD/Fire & EMS involved: CFD medic 821

Nature of Incident:Officer involved accident

Vehicle Info: One CPD Cruiser, One White SUV, unknown plate or driver info

Suspect: Unknown
Description: unknown

Charges: Fleeing and evading, attempted murder of a police officer with a deadly weapon

Criminal Option Selection:

Victim: A. Duranjaya
Contact Information on File:
See CPD Employment Files

Contact Information on File:

Incident Narrative:
I observed a vehicle traveling westbound on 2nd, a one way street. Attempting to stop the vehicle I pursued, until the intersection at enduring and walnut where subject rammed my cruiser and pushed it out of the way, minimal damage at this point, subject went south on walnut. before i could catch up subject turned around and slammed head on into my cruiser, effectively disabling it. FD dispatched to scene for injuries pertaining to Myself, Subject vehicle unknown location. White SUV, last seen north on walnut, reflective blue and yellow stripes on rear of vehicle, Out of state plates, unknown on driver discription
Supporting Documentation and Links

1) Witness Statements:

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